Dr. Justin A. Felsman, often referred to by his patients as “Dr. J” is a dedicated chiropractor who believes that the body has the inherent wisdom to heal. He facilities the healing of the source, not just treating the symptoms. Dr. J firmly believes that health is by choice not by chance and that it is our own responsibility to seek out those choices that are going to best enable us to be well.

Dr. Felsman loves spending time with his family, friends, and his two dogs. Dr. Felsman believes that everything with a spine and nervous system deserves chiropractic care.
Dr. Felsman specialized in soft tissue techniqes like A.R.T., Graston and also took Diversified,Gonstead, and Activator. He also incorporates Thompson and Flexion/Distraction in his adjusting protocols. He contnues to strive to educate himself and share this knowledge with his patients.

Dr. Felsman believes in educating people about integrative health and wellness. He conducts regularly scheduled classes on health and nutrition explaining what true health is and how the body can be supported nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Dr. J's got your back!