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Here is what our patients are saying:

 “I just left my first appointment with a Chiropractor, DR. Justin Felsman. I am so very impressed with Dr. Felsman. He spent time explaining so many of my health issues with me. I work with and manage many type of Doctors and feel confindant in saying he is brilliant. I am encouraging my entire family and close friends with similar health issues to become new patients of Dr. Felsman’s..Thank you!” Ashley

“I am an avid runner, so when I was sidelined with debilitating pain in my glute and hamstring a few weeks ago I immediately sought treatment at Adjustin Chiropractic. Dr. J is extremely knowledgeable in his field and knew exactly what was causing my pain and how to treat it. It is three weeks later now, and I am feeling much better thanks to their time and expertise. I highly recommend going to Adjustin Chiropractic!” Wendy

“When I first came to see Dr. Felsman, I really didn’t think there was any hope for me. My shoulder and back were a constant problem for me. There were days when I could not function normally because of the pain. Now, thanks to Dr. Felsman’s care and course of treatment, I feel like a completely new person. My life is back to normal and I can never say how grateful I am. I highly recommend that anyone in any sort of pain should see him.” Emira

"Adjustin Chiropractic not only helps us be healthier, they care about our health and well-being. Dr. Justin is awsome! BJ was having a terrible time with his health last spring, he had been to numerous doctors and had a multitude of tests run which were all inconclusive. In his state he was having muscle weakness, trouble walking without pain, no energy and was really concerned that there didn’t seem to be any answers as to what was wrong. Dr. Justin took the time to ask questions and actually cared about helping him get healthy again. BJ did so well with chiropractic care that I decided to become a patient as well. Through his care, BJ’s issues have disappeared, and I am feeling great too!" Lori and BJ

"I have been a patient of Dr. Felsman’s for over a year. I have had many problems from my neck down to my hips, as well as headaches, knee pain and occassional shoulder pain for a while. With his help I hardley have any now. He is professional and caring and has even treated my children, one of which since she was 3 months. My baby had a rough delivery and started showing signs of torticollis, which is weak muscles in the neck. With the help of weekly visits to Dr. Felsman you would never know that she had a problem, she is walking and playing like a normal 1 year old. I highly reccommend seeing him. I have never had a problem being seen right away, no waits usually, and I always recieve polite and professional care." Kristen







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